The Word One to One

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The Word One to One is designed to help you show Jesus to your friends by opening up his Word in the Gospel of John.

2 Ways to Live

2wtl logoIt may be you’re wondering what makes someone a Christian. For a quick explanation, 2 Ways to Live is a simple model outlining the Christian faith and the choice we all face. Better still perhaps, at our Tuesday meetings we always seek to explain the Christian message in clear, uncomplicated terms.  Or you might like to join us at one of our Christianity Explored courses to think things through further.

Christianity Explored

CE logo Christianity Explored is a discussion course we run throughout the year. We meet once a week for 45 minutes, for five weeks, usually over lunch in a pub, office, café or wherever is convenient in Mayfair. The course is a great way to explore the key claims of the Christian faith, whatever your background. You can ask any questions you want, or simply listen and think things through. Please contact us for more information.

Tough Questions

QuestionMost people have all sorts of questions about the Christian faith and the message of the Bible. Often our questions provoke long discussions, but a short answer can be helpful at least to get us started. Here are some short videos that begin to answer some common questions. They’re only a few minutes long. For more answers to tough questions, click here.