Partnership is at the heart of Midweek in Mayfair. Often that is expressed simply by encouraging each other in living and working as Christians, or by carefully explaining the Christian faith to one another. In addition to this, many are involved in supporting the work through prayer and financial giving.


We meet on the first Tuesday of every month, straight after our lunchtime meeting, to pray. We do this for 20 minutes and it’s a time to share news and pray for our offices and the work of Midweek in Mayfair. Please join us if you are able to.


People often ask how Midweek in Mayfair is funded. The reality is, year after year we rely on the generosity of those regularly involved, many of whom give on a monthly basis by standing order. If you would like to support Midweek in Mayfair by giving financially, please use the following form and return it to: The Treasurer, Midweek in Mayfair, Christ Church Mayfair, Interpark House, 7 Down Street, London W1J 7AJ.